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Here at Dotmaison we’re endlessly fascinated by the possibilities of artistic paper handling, and these images of the work of architectural paper sculptor Ingrid Siliakus is further proof of the material’s constant potential to surprise and delight. When the substance is in the hands of someone as talented as this, it can become a true… Read More

Many of us as children no doubt folded up packaging, paper napkins and exercise book pages and attempted to conquer the classroom with paper aeroplanes. The art of origami is basically that desire multiplied by thousands, with an artistic creativity and control that many aspire to but few can achieve. Jun Mitani – a computer science professor at… Read More

Paper is everywhere we look but rarely is it used quite as inventively as this. Cologne based artist Simon Schubert creates superbly detailed images of buildings and stately homes by folding sheets of paper. This sort of origami allows him to come up with the sort of stunning images seen here. The intricacies of architectural… Read More