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The sense of smell is an intriguing and curious process. Often associated with flavour and taste, the sense is also often powerfully linked with memory. In the context of home design and styling, it is important to pay attention to the scents that reside within home spaces for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, fragrant… Read More

There’s always time for tea – and if there isn’t, then just make it! Sip your brew of choice in style with the following choice items currently available at Dotmaison. Here are some selections of precisely what is required for a great cup of tea. Take the Barcelona Stoneware Teapot by La Cafetiere (above). Making tea in a… Read More

Most of us will be aware of the necessities of holding a successful dinner party. Good food, pleasant company and the right atmosphere are all vital to creating a pleasant and convivial experience. But a factor sometimes overlooked is the important role played by the implementation of transporting the meals from kitchen to dining room…. Read More