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When it comes to enjoying a meal at home, the tableware and layout of the dining cutlery is often the first thing that diners notice. It’s therefore a great idea to think about the best ways to make an impression with beautifully made cutlery and tableware. Even before the food arrives on the table, the… Read More

LSA International have a proud history of creating the finest glassware products for the home. The design house explores a strongly defined look of contemporary style combined with roots in Polish artisan production. Here at Dotmaison, we’re excited to see the latest offereings from the world-famous company. Offering the best in glassware, the new collection… Read More

When it’s time to begin arrangements for a get-together or party at home, there are always a few important things to take into consideration. As well as distributing the invites and preparing the home living and dining areas, you will need to make sure that serving and dining equipment is in place. But something of… Read More