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With a sophisticated air and a beautiful presentation of floral designs, the new bedding and cushions from Oasis are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere around the home. Bedrooms and living areas can be brightened up significantly with the finely produced items, which all benefit from the company’s excellent production techniques and beautiful artistry. The… Read More

Fruit, as everyone should know, is good for you. And keeping healthy and, in our opinion, making a style point at the same time is even better! A lovely way to do exactly that is through the use of the latest designer fruit bowls.┬áThe Centrepiece Fruit Bowl (above) by Alessi is a striking example. The… Read More

One of the most important things – after a hard day at work, some would say the most important thing – about a home is the level of comfort it provides. Everything from the security, warmth and air circulation plays a part in this, but some factors that bring style, grace and a luxurious way… Read More