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Of all the basic necessities needed around the home in order to get things done, light and illumination is one of the most fundamental. The ability to simply flick a switch and have instant light is something we all take for granted. As these stunning designs from Tala show however, just because something is so… Read More

Capturing and containing light sources in an attractive method has been an ongoing concern for artists and designers for as long as time itself. A modern design in New York takes a fresh approach to the subject, utilising ideas based on local landscape and architecture to sculpt the lights in an attractive and alluring fashion…. Read More

The choice of lighting in a home can make or break the ambience of a living area. This important aspect of home design is not always associated with ecological progress, which is why it is always heartening to find an advancement in such areas. Curiously named design Seattle studio Greypants have brought these two worlds… Read More