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If you are working in a home office there are certain considerations that need to be taken care of. A good space for a desk is one, and another is a proper amount of illumination in order to do your work. There are some fantastic lamps and lighting products at Dotmaison designed to make working… Read More

Taking a unique and startling approach to design work, these amazing wicker lamps show off the potential of pushing an original concept to its limits. The Chilean artisans of  Made in Mimbre hand-crafted the unusual lighting products to a series of designs by Swedish company Claesson Koivisto Rune. The three lamps, known as Medusa, Chinita and Bellota, cast… Read More

Many products could benefit from a stripped down, back to basics approach. British designer Craig Foster clearly thinks so and has taken this approach to its logical conclusion with the Kurk Lamp. Using the minimum of components and no need for tools in the construction, the Kurk lamp is an ideal eco-solution to home lighting…. Read More