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Lighting is an integral part of every interior’s design package. After all, without sufficient directed illumination, a home space would be a pretty gloomy space indeed. While there’s no doubt that the precision power of lighting is the primary purpose of lights and lamps, the design also plays an important part. The Italian company Seletti… Read More

Lighting and lamps are arguably one of the most important features of any room. Vital to relaxing, studying, eating or simply spending time with friends, well designed lighting is at the centre of it all. Apt then that the Blime series of teardrop-shaped lamps from New Yorker Alvaro Soto was partly created from a party atmosphere. Soto recorded the voices… Read More

South Korean designer Jiwooong Jung has a very good habit of creating enticing fluid objects that tread the line beautifully between function and beauty. These two lamps – Gyogam and Zigzag – are perfect example of his strong approach to form and style. The larger of the two designs, Gyogam is a floor standing lamp… Read More