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The office space is becoming more and more of an essential in modern homes. Having the opportunity to make use of a smart and stylish area for working from home is ideal for all sorts of people. Students, busy remote workers, and people catching up work administration; the list is endless. What all require is… Read More

Home working has become more of a necessity for many people in recent years. A free desk, or even a complete home office is a practical space to complete any such tasks. But keeping such an area tidy is another matter! Here are 3 tips for keeping your desk free of clutter. Even in today’s… Read More

Normann Copenhagen is a much loved design house here at Dotmaison. With an ability to bring a unique style and energy to all sorts of creative endeavours, the Danish company is constantly bringing in new ideas and styles. This innovation is certainly more than obvious in the range of stationery items currently available. Bringing in… Read More