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hand made glass

Ritzenhoff are specialists in the creation of captivating glassware. The German based family run design label create an extensive line of premium glassware items including receptacles based around the drinks of milk, beer, champagne and spirits. The company’s designs are always worthy of attention. They are adept at incorporating the work of various exciting designers… Read More

LSA International have been one of Europe’s leading purveyors of original and beautifully crafted glassware for 40 years. Based in West London and still run by the Lubkowski and Saunders families who founded the business back in 1972, the company shows absolutely no signs of slowing down and, luckily for those  in need of the optimum glassware creations, their… Read More

Glassware is always at its best when handmade, and the artisans that are employed to realise that glassware are instrumental in ensuring that the retailer is able to offer such products for sale of the highest possible quality. The techniques used for glassblowing are centuries old so the skills are in the hands of the… Read More