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Usually it would be the height of rudeness to call someone’s collection of furniture a load of rubbish, but in the case of Dutch designer Ruben Thier‘s original Organic Factory furniture it happens to be true! Created from reclaimed materials from factory floors and refuse sites, the collection brings together a fresh approach to designing chairs and… Read More

Discarded Lottery Tickets – Play It Again by Robert Lardon 2013 Modern art is a load of old rubbish isn’t it? Not something I would agree with, but an opinion held by quite a few gallery visitors over the years. In this particular case –  just for once –  they would be entirely right.  That is… Read More

Bringing a sense of fun and youthful joviality to all occasions, Kartoni have produced the first table football game produced entirely from recyclable materials.  The ‘i love to kick’ table has been produced to a extremely high quality from cardboard and ustainably harvested wood. Guaranteed to get any part or social event off to a… Read More