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The full benefits of looking after plants, herbs and flowers are well known. Helping to keep plants healthy is a great way of relaxing and spending time away from work, and other responsibilities. The calming effect of knowing that you have to have an input in the well-being of your home plant-life is always something… Read More

When winter’s on the wane, and the promise of spring looks ever more likely, it’s common for everybody’s mind to turn to the great outdoors. Enjoying time outside can take many forms, but it’s always nice to have a garden close by to make the most of sunshine and warmer weather. If you happen to… Read More

Growing¬† plants, flowers and herbs indoors is, for a variety of reasons,¬† time well spent. Gardening of any sort, whether outdoors if you happen to have a garden or backyard or indoors if you don’t, offers a relaxing way to take out of day to day life and try something different. The plants themselves offer… Read More