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Scandinavian style is often highlighted by an attractive melding of style and practicality. When you can turn to a homeware object that can bring a certain amount of flair and style alongside a pragmatic usefulness, there’s always cause for celebration. The Danish design team of AYTM are always geared toward providing this key pairing of… Read More

Finding a suitable place for indoor plants and flowers around the home is a key feature of interior design and planning. Making an elegant and creative display of in indoor garden becomes an eye-catching key to the home’s character and style. An individually planned out display brings colour and beauty into the home, while also… Read More

The home is a place for all kinds of comforts. Traditionally speaking, it could be seen as a protection from the outside world, a safe haven for family and friends from the weather and excesses of nature. It can also be a place for containing beautiful aspects of nature, in style and comfort. Here at… Read More