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eva solo

Summertime offers a brilliant chance to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy fine food and social company. A barbecue get-together is a lovely way to do this. The latest designs from a number of top companies can make the occasion even more of a success, with the most stylish and practical tools and… Read More

Eva Solo has a reputation for creating finely balanced contemporary pieces with a flair for the brightly striking and exciting. What better way of showing off the design houses’s style than by fixing up a pizza and serving it up to friends and family? The following products from the Danish brand show off a delightful… Read More

When winter’s on the wane, and the promise of spring looks ever more likely, it’s common for everybody’s mind to turn to the great outdoors. Enjoying time outside can take many forms, but it’s always nice to have a garden close by to make the most of sunshine and warmer weather. If you happen to… Read More