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Postulating on the future of the Earth and the possibility of the eventual dissolution of towns and cities has long been an inclination of science fiction writers and creators. The suspicion that the Earth may one day carry on without us is a sneaking suspicion that Swedish artist Johanna MÃ¥rtensson explored to great effect back… Read More

Whether working at a home office or in a company building, it should be the aim of every worker to have an organised desk. The ability to know where everything is at any given moment is essential and calls for some motivated planning. Thankfully products are available to help with this. A new line of… Read More

There are many vegetarians who will sing the praises of tofu all day long. The soft soy-bean curd has inspired plenty of creative recipes and cooking ideas but, it would be fair to say, not many designs for furniture. However, that is exactly what designer Leonardo Talarico has come up with the tofu chair. Made… Read More