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Home working has become more of a necessity for many people in recent years. A free desk, or even a complete home office is a practical space to complete any such tasks. But keeping such an area tidy is another matter! Here are 3 tips for keeping your desk free of clutter. Even in today’s… Read More

Working from home can mean many different things to many different people. Putting in 40+ hours a week working remotely from the employer’s HQ, freelancing for a number of clients or completing an on-line course of study are all┬ápopular kinds of home-working. But whatever the activity involved is, the need for reliable and useful tools… Read More

Whether working at a home office or in a company building, it should be the aim of every worker to have an organised desk. The ability to know where everything is at any given moment is essential and calls for some motivated planning. Thankfully products are available to help with this. A new line of… Read More