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Bringing a Japanese take to the world of fine coffee making, Kinto is a company focused on providing a traditional expression of care and practicality alongside a devotion to dynamic aesthetics and artful design. Kinto began its journey in 1972 as a wholesaler of ceramics and porcelain tableware products. Headquartered in Shiga, Japan, the company… Read More

Enjoying coffee at home can be both stylish and convenient. Indeed, the two propositions are not mutually exclusive; relaxing with a well prepared coffee can be quickly and securely arranged without being lacking in any of the key elements of a good cup of coffee. The best designs for coffee at home are more than… Read More

To many of us, making a coffee in the morning is as instinctive as it is commonplace. The whole idea of preparing a hot drinkĀ  to help us start off the day without going into much effort is certainly a normal one. But finding a way to do so in classic designer style alongside a… Read More