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Often its the shoes that set apart a neat and stylish look. Having a properly card for and well looked after pair of shoes always makes the right impression. Everyone’s taste and sense of fashion differs, but one thing that every one can agree on is that shoes need to be treated well! Here at… Read More

For many of us, vacuuming the house is a necessary chore that that needs to be done with alarming regularity – particularly at this time of year with pine needles and the like to pick up! So, it’s always agreeable when some clever soul thinks up a concept that might make this task a bit… Read More

A good set of towels, hand towels and facecloths is an investment. We buy the thickest, softest and most luxurious ones we can find, but six months later what we have in our airing cupboards are worn, rough and faded. It might seem that a trip to the shops is required, but all it takes… Read More