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by Lassen

Mirrors are items that we all rely on everyday. For dressing, grooming and preparing how we look, the use of mirrors is an essential. But going beyond the functional use of them, how can we apply the look and design of mirrors in a distinctive way around the home? The answer is in a variety… Read More

Danish design company by Lassen has a habit of creating perfectly aligned and structured homeware items ideal for bringing a sleek elegance into the home. Making the most of the company’s architectural background – the by Lassen project was founded on the strength of famed architects the Lassen brothers – the Kubus collection brings style… Read More

Ah, the spring. A lovely time to celebrate new growth, new energy, and new opportunities. Many people use this time of year to update the home in all sorts of different ways. From a traditional spring clean, to a brand new renovation in one or more rooms, the season is all about a sense of… Read More