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Even in this world of smart phones and constantly updated designs of portable devices and tablets, there is undoubtedly a special place for the traditional printed page. Books and magazines give texture to lives and homes and their presence often reminds us to take part in a more sedate and contemplative time around the home…. Read More

There’s nothing like lining the shelves of your home with books to help inspire the imagination. Having a great show of books not only provides a reminder of the value of good reading habits, it also cultivates a stylish and welcoming atmosphere. This presentation of artfully educated style doesn’t have to end with the shelving… Read More

Colour has the power to transform. A touch of a daring shade or a bold splash of contrasting colours can make the difference between a workable but plain interior space and a memorable and winning room. We welcome this approach at Dotmaison and this intriguing piece from Dutch designer Bas Kamp is certainly fearless in… Read More