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The senses come into play in all directions when making the most of home comfort. All sorts of design work can have a bearing in the ultimate look and feel of a place. But one sense that should never be overlooked is the scent and aroma of a living space. Having a welcoming fragrance greet… Read More

Home styling ideally take in the full range of the senses. As well as having the most stimulating and attractive designs taking in a visual sense, its also satisfying and beautifully compelling to make the most of fragrances and scents. Here at Dotmaison we’re always on the search for new and interesting ways to bring… Read More

Here at Dotmaison we believe the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the whole home. The essentials of washing and grooming combined with a haven away from the busy life of the rest of the home mean that it’s not always easy to get the details of the room’s inner workings quite… Read More