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The German brand Blomus is famed the world over for an inspired fusion of practicality and style. Comfortable across a wide selection of modern home decor products, the company can always be relied on to bring an exciting look to the home. Here at Dotmaison we love how well they develop new ideas with a skilled… Read More

The bathroom is an ideal space to relax in. Whether you’re soaking in the bathtub, freshening up before bed, or jumping in the shower on a busy morning, a little extra time spent with quality is always welcome. Accessories and luxury designer products are a great way to unlock the key to making the most… Read More

More than anywhere else in the home, the bathroom is a place that tends to get used a lot for short periods of time throughout the day. Unless it’s time for a long and relaxing bath, the room is a space for quick visits. For that reason, sometimes it can get a little overlooked. Worn… Read More