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Mirrors are an essential item in the home. The option of using a designer looking glass in bathrooms, halls, bedrooms and living space offers an extra dimension of space in all sorts of interiors. Having the space to be able to groom and style as desired is also a major strength of having easily accessible… Read More

Whether you’re relaxing at home or jetting off to new adventures, you can always be sure of style and luxurious class from the designers of the Hugo Boss Home Collection. New arrivals of the Hugo Boss Home Collection are now available at Dotmaison. Bringing forth the minimalist and classy approach favoured by the world-famous brand,… Read More

The passing of the season from summer into autumn is a lovely time for taking stock of important design elements in the home. The bedroom is one interior space crucial to finding relaxing enjoyment at any time. In the autumn, thoughts of delicate floral patterns and falling leaves can bring a lovely sense of restfulness… Read More