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The bathroom is a superbly important space in the home. Representing a space distinct and separate from the rest of the household activity, a well styled bathroom is able to offer a relaxing room to pamper and relax in. It’s also a place for necessary morning preparations for the day. For that reason, it makes… Read More

Ted Baker is a name known throughout the world for its fashionable and always beautifully designed products. The brand’s lifestyle accessories are ideal for the busy individual keen to make an impression while staying completely organised and on top of their game. Here at Dotmaison we love how the company continually comes up with excellent… Read More

Here at Dotmaison we believe the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the whole home. The essentials of washing and grooming combined with a haven away from the busy life of the rest of the home mean that it’s not always easy to get the details of the room’s inner workings quite… Read More