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Kahler are a name synonymous with craft and precision. The Scandinavian company have built up a strong reputation over its long history for bringing a studied finesse to all of its products and designs. Well known for ceramic and pottery items, its latest collection combines the beautiful work of the labels’s handcraft with candle light… Read More

A house becomes a home due to many different factors, but one that often plays an important part in the process is the use of works of art and images around the walls. Applying favourite pieces around rooms can bestow an individual and familiar touch to the place, bringing out a personal creative flair or… Read More

Even in the age of smartphones, tablets and an app for just about everything, there will always be a place for beautifully designed stationery. Pens, pencils, notebooks, letters and envelopes can reliably bring out a hands-on creativity that puts the emphasis on doing and making, rather than simply being technologically ahead of the curve. Kate… Read More