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There is something fun and reassuring about the word ‘trivet’. It sounds playful and elegant, calling to mind cultivated time spent doing relaxing and useful activities. But aside from the nature of the word itself, the item being described is a practical solution to protecting surfaces from the heat of cooking. Here at Dotmaison, we appreciate anything… Read More

Fruit, as everyone should know, is good for you. And keeping healthy and, in our opinion, making a style point at the same time is even better! A lovely way to do exactly that is through the use of the latest designer fruit bowls. The Centrepiece Fruit Bowl (above) by Alessi is a striking example. The… Read More

Busy kitchens are like busy lives; always something happening, always new items arriving and always new decisions that need to be taken. One of those decisions is undoubtedly where to keep everything. And not only that but also to do so in an attractive and stylish way. Not always an easy thing to do, but… Read More