Sometimes a slice of cake can make everything that little bit nicer. Indeed, any kind of baked treat, when prepared and served up with love, can provide a lovely surprise for friends and family. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult to come up with the goods. By following straight forward recipes and applying your own tastes and finishes, you could proudly present a treat to captivate and delight. There are a number of designer products that can help out in this goal. The following items available now at Dotmaison are ideal for enabling a perfect experience in the kitchen baking up a dream!

Whether it’s serving up the treat in question or preparing it in the kitchen, there are plenty of ideas to be shared. Take for example the practical and resourceful Flexi Slice & Serve from Kuhn Rikon (above). This is an ideal device for serving up not only cakes, but also pizza, brownies and biscuits. Created using Japanese stainless steel, the item is  dexterous in its application allowing a sharpened edge to slice and a flattened edge to serve safely and comfortably. Available in three different styles all showing off a striking shade of red, this is a great tool for showing off your hard work in the kitchen once it’s all done and ready to sample.

zone denmark chopping board

For the baking and preparation itself, two items appear to be crucial – a rolling pin and a chopping board. After all, taking care of the essentials is always a must-do in baking, but this does not have to mean any drop in standards in the overall effort. This chopping board (above)  from Zone Denmark is a great example of designer prestige mixing in well with a provision of easy to use practicality. Black silicone corners prevent costly slippages and the dishwasher safe board is easy to take care of and can offer a long term solution to your prepping needs.


Any kind of baking is generally going to be largely dependent on flour and water, and once the dough is mixed it’s going to need to be rolled out. Along with a chopping board, a rolling pin is definitely something to keep ready. This Teflon Rolling Pin (above) also by Zone Denmark is just what is needed for fully spreading out your pastries, while the non-stick Teflon material brings a smart and smooth distinction to anything you’re preparing. A great baking accessory.


To make a real hit of serving up a cake, you need two things: 1) a lovely cake and 2) a lovely way to eat it! Once you have your cake ready to serve you could offer a real choice of distinction with this Cake Fork Set by Laguiole.  The beautiful set of six forks are produced with high grade Stainless Steel and feature multi coloured plastic handles. Presented in their own distinctive gift box, the Cake Fork set are capable of offering a high-end presentation of the most enjoyable kind of treat. Happy baking, serving and enjoying!


September 12th, 2017

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