Working from home is becoming more of a common practice these days. Whether working full-time, part of the time or studying at home, the need for a well-ordered home office is increasing. Being able to focus on the task at hand in comfort is absolutely essential. Practical measures can be taken to make sure this can happen. Here are 3 of the key elements to get right when fitting out your own home office.

Desk Lamps

When you’re reading at a desk, it stands to reason that you’re going to need a reading light. Working in the evenings might require a more specific focus of illumination so as not to have the main room lights on. In any case, a desk lamp is a practical item that every home office will need. Add a designer style to the equation, and you can read in comfort.

A designer desk lamp such as the Reade Table Lamp by Menu (above) brings a focus on the light, and whatever it is that is being read. Inspired by 1930s New York design, the lamp is crafted from powder-coated steel and brings a cultivated look of elegance to any interior desk.

Office Clocks

The organisation often means timing, and to specifically time things we all need to make use of a clock. This fundamental doesn’t need to be dull though. Try thinking about how the clock can bring out the style of a desk in a pleasing and calming way. While it’s important to have access to the time, it doesn’t need to be overly alarming. In fact, an artistically composed desk clock can add more a peaceful serenity to a room, rather than an austere item to be wary of!

The Sometime Desk Clock by Umbra (above) certainly falls into the peaceful category. The white and natural wood clock will look perfect on your desk, offering a stylish way to keep on time, all the time.

Memo Boards and Magnets

Having a visual reminder of things that need to be done is a great way to keep organised in the office. Being able to see the text in a straightforward style, away from a digital screen, can really imprint it into your memory. Having it all laid out in bold and stylish displays make reminders hard to ignore and reflect a stylish composition in the home office.

The Design Letters Message Boards make a stylish point loud and clear. Available in Black, Grey and Pink, the boards provide a high-quality finish and professional design ideal for home offices. Perfect for an organised working day.

March 14th, 2018

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