Here at Dotmaison we love the fact that home and interior styles can be so fluid and adaptable. The best designers continue to adapt and grow with the various demands of their customer base and the changing tastes and fashions that influence them. Our Lifestyle section helpfully reflects this relationship and showcases the types of activities that are positively enhanced by design style and taste.  Lifestyles that are always on the go and active are ones that certainly benefit from a touch of style in every area. Even the basics of grabbing a drink when hot and thirsty while out and about can be actively improved with the best designs.

Take the above Insulated Floral Tumbler with Straw by Kate Spade. Perfect for enjoying a cold drink wherever you happen to be, the delicately crafted design make use of safe materials and a floral decoration to ensure you look and stay cool during the day’s activities. Complete with lid and straw, the tumbler goes to show that every little detail can go to help with each individual lifestyle.


The Muro Coat Hanger by Blomus offers a smooth and practical touch to the outfits of busy people. Offering a real solution to pesky hangers that can snag on clothes and fabrics, the Muro Coat Hanger is strong and sturdy enough to comfortably hold onto the heaviest of winter coats. It is equally light and versatile enough to look after light shirts and jackets. The matt stainless steel frame is edged on both sides with rubber tips, protecting the hanger from wardrobe doors. A fine way to help with keeping outfits smart and presentable.


The Climbing Rose Wash Bag (Medium) by Orla Kiely takes us into another area of  importance for the active lifestyle. The bag provides an excellent use of space for travel and everyday essentials. The design incorporates Orla Kiely’s superb floral prints and a striking palette of light and marine blues alongside pistachio and moss greens. Created out of 100% cotton and outer laminate, the wash bag would make an excellent choice for someone looking for a stylish and secure home for their toiletries.


Also from Orla Kiely, the Flower Stripe Makeup Brush Case provides a beautifully designed space for makeup accessories. Comprising a wallet shaped case with zipper pocket, the case shows off a pretty pattern of tulip shaped flower heads and is another example of the design teams’s winning ways with shape and colour. The orange, pale pink and navy blue grouping works wonders for a stylish case that is at once elegant and captivating.

September 21st, 2017

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