Of all the basic necessities needed around the home in order to get things done, light and illumination is one of the most fundamental. The ability to simply flick a switch and have instant light is something we all take for granted. As these stunning designs from Tala show however, just because something is so easy and expected it doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes have the opportunity to surprise and delight. The British lighting company takes pride in creating stylish new creative concepts with an emphasis on sustainability. With unique and distinct design styles focusing on new materials and techniques, the young company can be seen as a positive force in design.

Above – Minerva LED Light Bulb by Tala



The team’s incredible use of LED in their light bulbs is sure to draw appreciative glances from anyone visiting an interior and benefiting from their warm and inviting presence. The Tala Pluto LED Light Bulb (above) may look like a classic light bulb, but the LED tells a different story. With 6 creatively composed filaments the bulb is able to produce illumination for up to 30,000 hours. The elegant and artistic looking bulb can offer a modern and eco-friendly touch to any room.


The Tala Elva LED Light Bulb (above) is another showcase for the designers talents at updating a familiar look. The bulb will always appear impressive with or without a shade, with the traditional blown design providing a softening to the intensity of illumination. The modern design could be well utilised in wither a lamp fitting or hanging freely.



The Oak Touch Lamp provides a wonderful platform for the design work of Tala. Made up of a cylindrical oak shaft and strong base of brass, the lamp can beautifully showcase any of Tala’s superb bulbs. A touch-switch control on the the base and a fitted anti-kink cord allow ease of use alongside an impressive artistic elegance that proclaims a satisfying level of distinct class. With so many ideas being switch on just like one of their lights, Tala’s designs look set to stay on-point for the duration.

July 19th, 2017

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