The lure of the great outdoors is a constant and powerful one. Sometimes all we want to do is get out there into the wild and explore. That must be part of the thinking behind this striking glass pavilion on the shores of a lake in Ontario, Canada. Designed by Toronto company gh3, the smart construction contains a studio, apartment and boathouse.

The studio, currently home to a photographer, is supported by a granite plinth that covers the distance between ground level and the water’s edge. Boats are kept within the supporting structure, ready to set sail at a moment’s notice. In the summer month’s the glazed walls of the construction can be opened up to let the warm air in. Everything is planned to the last detail.

Photography is by Larry Williams.

The rooms can be divided up with sliding walls, providing privacy between studio and bedroom. The designers call it a “reimagination of the archetypal glass house in a landscape” and it certainly strikes a romantic, poetic note.

For more on the studio and the designers’ work please visit gh3.

April 23rd, 2012

Posted In: Architecture

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