Dotmaison are delighted to present the latest nordicana from Stelton.

The Scandinavian design team are constantly aiming to improve the range of homeware pieces, with a focus on practicality and attractive enriching design. These latest bowls and vases – named after the Swedish capital city Stockholm – draw together the intricate design work and delicate finishing that the company are known for.

Items such as the Stockholm Horizon bowl (above) benefit from the designer’s love of attractive curvature and seamless angles and creative beauty.
Capturing some of the timeless wonder of Swedish islands and waters, the bowls have been hand painted in fantastically complementary shades and colours. The texturing of the aluminium and enamel bowls is perfectly brought out to the fore, and the bowls can be excellently matched with the rest of this evocative collection.



The Stockholm horizon vase also offers a peaceful and tranquil feeling of contentment. Flowers and plants kept at home within will effortlessly loook their best, while providing any room or internal space a wonderful feeling of relaxed splendour. Stelton are known for their eye for detail and that attention to every aspect of the creative process is firmly in evidence here.



The aquatic vase and aquatic bowl  from Stelton make use of a Baltic Sea inspiration. The striking azure tones speak of voyages across calm seascapes and a sense of relaxed adventure that make the collection ideal in an adventurous and artistic setting. Individually hand painted with an image of voluminous ocean waves roaring ever onwards, the vases can provide a perfect home accessory. Available in a variety of sizes, both bowls and vases are perfect for instilling a calm sense of wonder and beauty.



November 18th, 2016

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