The average home is a terrifically busy place. Papers, keys, tools and jewellery all need places where they can be retrieved easily and with out fuss. Sometimes we stuff things away in drawers and sometimes we use pin boards to organise our assorted odds and ends. But neither of these are ideal – overflowing drawers and crowded pin boards can be more trouble than they’re worth!

Into this environment comes Torafu Architects‘s Tapehook. These brightly coloured processed paper hooks have been designed to look like curled bits of tape.

During the manufacturing process, the paper is curled, then soaked in solution and dried. This gives the hooks enough strength to hold keys and other small items. The simple, original design should strike a happy chord with lovers of stylish, harmonious living.

For more on Tapehook please visit Torafu Architects.

September 23rd, 2011

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