As we approach the begininning of the Spring season with bated breath, many of us will no doubt turn our attention to a new blooming of plantlife and colour. With this in mind, attention will no doubt be drawn to the state of gardens and interior plants with a hope for getting them looking their very best.

Gardening can be hard work of course, but at the same time it is certainly rewarding both in body and spirit. And when it’s done with the help of the best designer products it is also distinctly modern, sophisticated and stylish. So without further ado, lets get our overalls on and check out some of the best products perfect for helping out with a garden or balcony makeover.


Take a look at this Big Spot Shadow Flower Hand Trowel (above) by the ever popular Orla Kiely for example. This is an ideal implement to get digging and planting new seedlings and shrubs. Capable of complementing any garden from retro to contemporary, this is a tool to make regular use of. Tough, easy to clean and cheerful with its iconic floral motif, this is one trowel destined not to be left on the shelf!





An appreciation of wildlife and the creatures that inhabit the great outdoors is essential to good gardening practice. Providing a sweet home from home for wild birds is a lovely way for showing off a dedication to a harmonious relationship between gardener and garden. This fantastic bird house is also from the designers at Orla Kiely, and is certain to make a big impression whether in a garden supported by tree branches or in a balcony space.


Central to all gardening endeavours is the all important H2O! Jazz up any flowerbed or balcony plants with this vibrant orange watering can by the playful Italian design house Alessi. Also available in other colours, this durable plastic can features a beak like spout capable of producing a steady and consistent flow of liquid from can to soil.




These Brass Flowerpots from the aptly named Bloomingville will show off your stems and flowers to the greatest degree of sheer sophistication and understated elegance. Avalable in medium and large, they are perfect for trendy city window sills and roomy countryside patios alike. Why not use a few of different sizes scattered around the place or together as a group to create a show-stopping display. So, style lovers, why hesitate? There’s never been a better time to flex those green fingers!





February 28th, 2017

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