Practically produced and smartly designed serving trays are an important asset to make use of in the home. Ideal for carrying meals, snacks and drinks from the kitchen to living areas, trays provide valuable use across the board. Designers often use trays as a form of calling card, drawing to mind the influences and style that they wish to cultivate within their creative lines. For a resident or homemaker in touch with different creative techniques and artistry, they are a quick insight into the preferred tastes to use in an interior.

Trays often mean so much more than simply a surface to put things on. Some, like the Cactus Trays by Bluebellgray (above) are capable of providing a distinctive and stylish look around the home. Inspired by the gardens of Marrakech, the trays display a theme of floral cactus in blues, greens and reds. The trays are available in oblong sandwich or canteen size as well as a circular shape.   Individually handmade using Scandinavian birch wood the trays offer so much more than simply a system for delivering the next meal.

Bluebellgray also offers the Kippen Trays. The phenomenal design on the the trays brings in a variety of intense colours on a dark background, marking out the tray as an exciting product in its own right. The oversized florals explode out of the platform base, bringing out a world of vibrancy and complementary tones and shades. These trays are easy to care for, and can be simply wiped clean to keep fresh. When used around the home, they are valuable for offering a sense of calm and composed relaxation. Just the thing when offering a cup of tea and a slice of cake to a friend!

Another tray by Bluebellgray ideal for making a creative statement when transporting food around the home or as a stationary art piece is the Rothesay. Showcasing a superbly elegant work of turquoise, green, yellow and rose-pink, the trays really set out a stylish stall as a creative work. The handmade trays show off the elements that make up the broader spectrum of Bluebellgray’s influences, and put an attractive spin on the important household area of storage and the day to day movement of food and drinks. Certainly, when it comes to elegant and stylish tray designs, Bluebellgray has it covered.

February 26th, 2018

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