Ted Baker is a name known throughout the world for its fashionable and always beautifully designed products. The brand’s lifestyle accessories are ideal for the busy individual keen to make an impression while staying completely organised and on top of their game.

Here at Dotmaison we love how the company continually comes up with excellent ways to enjoy the finer points of life in style. Here are a few select ways that Ted Baker can help organise a busy life.

The Enamel Shaving Bowl and Soap is perfect for the gent on the move. By using this traditional barbershop style set up of bowl and sandalwood scented soap, a wet shave can be perfected either at home or when travelling.

The high quality soap is great for producing a rich and luxurious lather perfect for even the closest of shaves. It can then sit in the strong enamel bowl ready to be applied. A more than satisfactory shave can be experience every time by using this tried and tested method.

The perfect accompaniment to the shaving bowl and soap is the Shaving Brush by Ted Baker. Given an extra touch of luxurious detail with the gold-effect handle and extra soft bristles, the brush projects designer luxiry and class. Arriving in a designer box, the brush is idea; as a gift for the man who likes to be excellently groomed and well turned out.

Long trips and tiring travel can be made more bearable by the knowledge that expert grooming is possible. The Manicure Kit by Ted Baker allows this in style, with a travel case containing nail file, tweezers, scissors, cuticle pusher and nail clippers.

Made from an easy to clean and durable brushed metal, travelers can rest assured that all their manicure needs are well looked after. Perfect for travel, the the stylish case can also make a great present for the regular traveller.  

Simple, effective and wonderfully smart, the Barbers Comb by Ted Baker is another essential that anyone on the move won’t want to be too far away from. Essential for keeping every last hair in place, the comb can be packed away in its stylish faux-leather carry case.

The gold coloured comb is made from gold coloured brushed-metal and is inspired by a traditional barber shop. Another essential given the Ted Baker treatment, the comb is presented in a Ted Baker ‘Grooming Room’ branded box.

June 7th, 2019

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