Despite showers being one of the most frequently used and indispensable modern conveniences in most households, in design terms they have remained remarkably consistent over the years. This incredible looking integrated shower head from Zazzeri designed by Daniele Bedini,¬†at least, bucks the trend. The Virgin shower system – which resembles a ‘crack in the ceiling’ – is sure to offer a decidedly different (and colourful!) shower experience.

The system incorporates many different features and functions, such as water jets, LED lighting, adjustable shower head and spot lights to create different effects while showering. The head itself is made of steel and corian and is available in black, steel and gold. This unusual and inspiring design should transform the showering experience from the mundane and every day into something truly magical!

For more information on the Virgin shower system please visit Zazzeri

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June 21st, 2011

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