The homely style of a classic Alpine chalet is usually centered on a few essential things. First off, the place has to be warm and insulated, preferably with a log fire burning in the background. The chalet should be secure and comfortable with soft and warm cushions and blankets allowing for a relaxing space to pass the time. This particular type of building is constructed out of wood, so it stands to reason that this material is an ever present when aiming for an Alpine look at home.  A unique and cozy atmosphere of a welcoming chalet can be recreated in your own home with a few simple touches. Here are a few ideas to help spark off your own Alpine adventure!
(above: Christmas Tree Blanket, Ferm Living)


Key to a  relaxing time on the Alpine slopes is the the ability to take it easy after a long afternoon of hiking or skiing on the mountains. The gorgeously designed and produced glassware by LSA can certainly help in this regard. The LSA wine glasses and tumblers in packs of four are certainly something every chalet style living room should equip itself with. The Tirol range of glasses brings to mind the tranquil life of an alpine village. Raising one of these glasses can help to conjure up images of snow-capped mountain peaks, deeply verdant forests and horse drawn carriages. All of the glasses have been delicately etched with different designs offering up a truly unique look and feel. A classic taste of the alpine life…



LSA have also produced this beautifully designed Tirol Storm Lantern. The artfully produced lantern has been created to hold a slowly flickering candle in an etched pattern showcasing alpine scenes of horses and forests. With a rich texture to the glass offered by the matt finish, the lantern will provide a warm and welcoming look to any table or surface. Arrives in its own gift box with complimentary candle so you can get the fire burning straight away!


Breakfast and brunch is another alpine favourite at home, and to really do a breakfast justice you’re going to need some breakfast boards! This set of Acacia wood breakfast boards by Zassenhaus are ideaal for serving up bread, snacks and anything you and your guests might fancy. Crafted according to age old tradition and finished in resplendent style, these durable boards are part of a timeless vision of village life, and one that can be enjoyed wherever you happen to be. An alpine look can be yours for the asking!




October 21st, 2016

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