Rosti Mepal are experts at bringing the very best of Scandinavian design into the home. Applying an ingenious combination of style and practical working, the company are among the best loved of kitchen and dinnerware producers. Here at Dotmaison we love the precise molded plastic shaping that the group does so well.

Many of the company’s products provide brilliant storage options for the home, with the emphasis on smart containment solutions being the main concern. Here are just a few of the items currently available to help bring a new found sense of not only attractive order and organisation, but also sublime ideas for the dining room.

A great option for storing food is offered by the Modula Square Storage Box (above) from Rosti Mepal. The containers are ideal for keeping food perfectly fresh for longer. The lid features a special insulation ring which guarantees airtight storage. The tub also makes the most of a completely transparent design, allowing you to see exactly what’s in the box.

The Fields of Flower Flow Deep Plate features a captivating design print of beautiful flowers in a meadow. The simultaneously lightweight and tough plate provides a great choice for both dining in and out doors. Elegant and smart, the melamine plate adds a certain finery matched to durable practicality that makes it a great addition to the home’s dining equipment essentials.

Another essential for the home is a reliable beaker. This one from Rosti Mepal is a 300ml drinking vessel created from a robust form of polypropylene.  The transparent white container is a great for picnics and al-fresco dining as well as a reliable stand by in the kitchen and dining room. Easy to care for and look after, the beaker can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

The Cirqula Multi Bowl 3000ml by Rosti Mepal is another great option for storage at home. The airtight seal on the bowl brings a premium level of storage for all foods, being 100% airtight and leak-proof. The bowl has a range of benefits. including the capability to be microwaved without the lid. It can also be conveniently kept in the fridge or freezer. A great way to keep foods fresh and accessible at all times.

July 27th, 2018

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