Scandinavian design is well known for its poise, balance and modern ingenuity. The Danish home-wares product house Zone Denmark fulfill a commitment to new and exciting product design for the home in a striking and colourful way.

Here at Dotmaison we just love the way the brand manages to bring about a sense of fun and lively optimism in their designs for everything from dining room place-mats and coasters to utensils for the kitchen such as herb choppers and rolling pins. There is a playful style at work that beautifully informs the usability of each product, making them good looking and practical additions to the home.

The company has concentrated on an instinctive functionality that can help everyone with the everyday around the home. The full range of Zone Denmark makes use of a minimalist design style working alongside premium quality production, which is recognised for its reliability and precision. Take a look at the following examples to see an introduction to what Zone Denmark can offer.

The Copper Bathroom Set is perfect for anyone wanting to create a distinctive impression with their bathroom accessories. The stylish two piece collection includes a toothbrush mug and a soap dispenser instilled with Zone Denmark’s elegant design style. Created from fine porcelain and offering a distinctive copper finish, the limited edition set showcases an inspired design.


Moving into the kitchen, two new products from Zone Denmark once again provide items for everyday use with an eye-catching design. The Brass Salad Servers are ideal for any dining table at any time of the year. The stylish finish makes for an outstandingly attractive style of accessory and one which is sure to capture the attention of all fellow diners, friends and family. Making the same commitment to stylish design and everyday use is the company’s Brass Spoon. Available in three different sizes, this is a yet another way that Zone Denmark brings an attractive style and functionality to the home.


For an idea of the everyday it doesn’t get much more normal than the humble tea towel. But the everyday does not have to mean mundane or boring. Far from it, in this case, with Zone Denmark providing a Tea Towel with a fantastic check pattern over 100% cotton. Perfect for adding some style to the task of drying up in the kitchen.

July 25th, 2018

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