The home is ideally a space away from the world of work and anxious stress. Acting as a sanctuary from the demands of the day, a home should be able to offer a relaxing place to recharge the batteries and enjoy the finer things in life.

Creating a stress-free environment at home isn’t as difficult as it sounds. By following some straight-forward tips you can benefit from a home geared towards a healthy and tranquil atmosphere.

Here at Dotmaison, we believe that the best in homewares and luxury design are key to bringing these ideas of relaxation out into every room. The following are some tips on how to realise this in the key areas of the home.

In the Bedroom

Perhaps more than anywhere else, the bedroom should be seen as a place for pure relaxation. A space to lie down and let thoughts of the working week fly away into the land of sleep and dreams. For this very reason, steps can be taken to make the room- and most of all the bed itself – as comfortable as possible.

A designer duvet set such as the above Hares Duvet Set by Sophie Allport is an excellent source of cosy relaxation in the bed. Featuring an attractive design of elegant hares bounding across the pale background, the collection of pure cotton duvet cover and two pillowcases is ideal for a perfect night’s sleep. Combine it with the matching Chase Your Dream Cushion to create a bedroom steeped in a soothing calm and dreaminess.

Living Areas

Living rooms are the headquarters for relaxation for many people. Often the hub of home entertainment, and most importantly of all the easy chairs and sofas, the living room is truly the number one chill-out area of the whole home.

Make use of the latest cushions to bring pure comfort into the living room. The above Renaissance Cushion by Oasis is made with polyester velvet and is a beautiful way to take it easy in the comfort of the living room. Presenting a gorgeous assortment of flowers in bloom, the classic depiction of elegance and beauty make it a terrific addition to sofa or easy-chair.

Stress-free Cooking

Cooking in style is all about the preparation. Get that right, and the chances of a delightful meal are much improved. Knowing that you have all the items needed for your prep greatly reduces the stress involved in cooking a meal. A chopping board is a key item in the cook’s kitchen equipment.

The addition of the wonderfully cute Bunny Wooden Chopping Board from Orla Kiely greatly improves all prep involving cutting and chopping ingredients. The board can also be used to present freshly baked bread on the dining table, ready to be enjoyed.

June 19th, 2019

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