When the time comes for you to invest in some home fragrance products, there are certainly many items that are likely to be high on your priority list, such as plug-in room scents and air freshener sprays.

Another option, however, that people often recognise in each other’s homes but may not know by name, is the reed diffuser. And with such a wide range of reed diffusers for you to choose from right here at Dotmaison, we feel that we might as well tell you more about what they are and what they do!

What is a reed diffuser?
A reed diffuser is a home fragrance product that consists of three main parts: the bottle or container, scented oil and reeds. You can purchase reed diffusers in any of a wide range of sizes, shapes and fragrances, which makes it easy for you to choose the right one for a particular room.

To get an aromatherapy reed diffuser to work, all that you first have to do is remove all of the packaging and find a flat surface on which to set the elements. Then, you simply need to remove the cap from the oil and pour the fragrance oil into the empty vessel – although some reed diffusers actually already come complete with the oil, ready to use, in the decorative vessel.

Finally, it’s simply a case of inserting the reeds into the filled vessel and enjoying! Reeds, not unlike straws, have tiny openings that run their entire length, which allows the oil to be soaked up and carried along the full length of the reed.
Choosing the right aromatherapy reed diffuser from the range at Dotmaison
We have reed diffusers on offer from top brands such as Millefiori Milano and Ashleigh and Burwood, all attractively priced and producing a wide range of evocative aromas, from almond milk and baby powder to black pepper and cotton flower.

When choosing yours, simply let your imagination roam!

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February 29th, 2012

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