This wonderful hive-like interior was designed by Manchester based Liam Hopkins. Created for his design company Lazerian, these London headquarters used recycled cardboard donated by media company Bloomberg. Pulped and then remodeled into the giant structure, the room is dominated by the structure.

The grand meeting table – which has space for up to fourteen chairs – also has a surface of remodeled cardboard. The legs of the tables and chairs come from taken apart wooden removal pallets, while the padded seats are covered with leather off-cuts.

Inspired by the natural habitats of living creatures, the areas cave-live appearance and tranquility is certain to put meeting attendees in a relaxed and calm frame of mind. An incredible amount of materials were used to create the project, including 3,972 triangular cardboard borders and 180 wooden pallets. A vast job then, but one which looks to have been well worth the effort!

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December 28th, 2011

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