A key component of successful family living is space – getting under each other’s feet is never a recipe for peaceable relations. With that kept securely in mind, how would 3,800 square feet of high quality living accommodation sound?

That’s the amazing amount of space on offer in the Walloon Lake House, located on the shores of the Michigan lake where the adventure loving American writer Ernest Hemmingway spent many of his summers. The architects DUDZIK Studios transformed a small 1960s house into a huge family home of ┬áreal beauty.

The designers aimed to connect the construction with the surrounding elements of nature by cleverly making full use of the gorgeous swan douglas fir trees to surround and blend in with the house. Wood from the trees was also used in the flooring and walls of the interiors. With a superb view of the lake below the building, the home is all about tranquillity, time and space.

June 24th, 2013

Posted In: Architecture

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