Hailing from New Jersery, Pantone introduced their Colour Matching System 45 years ago and it quickly caught on, making the company ubiquitous with interior design and the making the right colour choices. In recent years, the company has branched out into different products such as bags, cuff links and our favourite the Pantone mugs.

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It is likely that the mug will soon become a design classic of its own. The boldly coloured mugs are plain, simple and unique. Pantone have even used the design to their advantage by incorporating the colour matching chart numbers into their design, making sure that no potential consumer could possibly confuse them with any other manufacturer.

Pantone was founded in 1962 and simply manufactured colour cards for cosmetics companies and one year later the first colour matching system was unveiled. The company produces cardboard sheets with each colour printed on it. These are then bound into a flip book offering the viewer a number of options to choose from in each colour series.

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The system was a hit with designers who found they could match colours easily. As the company grew they added their flair for colour to the production of interior design items. This has expanded into a wedding service and finally a hotel in Brussels.

The Pantone mug is a small, inexpensive and stylish way to buy one small part of this empire. The mugs are available in a variety of colours, pantone sets of ten and gift packs. Simply mix and match the colours to create the look required. They will fit into any colour scheme and can be changed to suit the seasons. We are big tea drinkers and just love the Pantone tea gift set, they’re great!

Pantone Tea Mug Set

July 23rd, 2010

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