Candles have always been used in the home from as far back as one can remember, as before the days of gas and electricity they provided both light and warmth. Indeed, today, many people even keep candles as functional items, as they can serve as backup light sources in the event of a power cut.

Candles also have specific uses on items such as birthday cakes, as well as a very special place in churches and other sacred buildings – and by purchasing Pantone candles, you can bring some of this magic into your own home.

Candles have, over time, become incredibly popular objects of beauty, with scented candles providing the perfect fragrances for a romantic setting. Pantone is a leading producer of quality candles that come with a range of Pantone fragrances and that are designed to burn for extended periods of time. These fragrances are released as the candle slowly burns, but can also be smelt when the candle is simply standing on your mantelpiece.

They are also coloured, and as they are placed in beautiful glass containers, the full beauty of the strong or delicate hue that you choose will enliven the room.

Why use a fragranced candle?

Many people will use pot pouri as a means of scenting a room, but this deteriorates over time and can also become a touch messy as it is so light that it will blow on the floor with the slightest draught.

Pantone candles, however, need not stay on the mantelpiece but can add to the setting of your table when inviting guests to a dinner party. If you are the artistic type, then you’ll relish the opportunity to make the Pantone candle a most attractive centre piece.

You may wish to place Pantone candles in your bathroom when luxuriating in the bath, where they will give off a gentle scent, but of course you should be careful where you place the candle. Alternatively, use them in your bedroom to create a delightful fragrance.

September 24th, 2011

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