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Umbra are a dynamic, forward-thinking design company hailing from Toronto, Canada. Here at Dotmaison¬†we simply love their approach to investing home items with a unique look, modern style and reliable function. Founded in 1979, the group have continually sought to bring a high¬†level of quality with everyday items melding with the world of art and… Read More


The home is a place for all kinds of comforts. Traditionally speaking, it could be seen as a protection from the outside world, a safe haven for family and friends from the weather and excesses of nature. It can also be a place for containing beautiful aspects of nature, in style and comfort. Here at… Read More


With August just around the corner, we thought it’d be a nice idea to have a look at how best to utilise outdoor living areas. Here at Dotmaison we love the summer months! Warmer weather can bring with them an opportunity to try out new ideas in gardens, on balconies, patios and the local park…. Read More