Most of us would hope that sitting down to dine will not constitute hard work. However, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re in for someting of a workout upon seeing this orignal looking collection of cutlery from Gio Tirotto. Named No Pause, the 3D printed set of cutlery has been modelled on familiar tools such as screwdrivers and hacksaws.

Tirotto describes the set as an example of changing rooms and outlook: ““The tools are mixed with the table set, as if both these different objects wanted to change room, as if they wanted to describe something else,” he says.

As a way of changing dinner table perceptions this set makes swift work of it!

For more on the work of Gio Torotto check out his site.

Dotmaison have some beautiful cutlery sets available from the likes of Robert Welch, Alessi and Carrs. Time to dine in style!

August 28th, 2012

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