As the New Year approaches and we enter into 2018, why not think about bringing in some new light to mark the change over? It’s perfectly normal to start a program of re-imagining the home space with the passing of a year, and in terms of fixtures and fittings there is little more illuminating than a new source of light. Different interpretations and ideas of how to produce aesthetically pleasing  lamps, bulbs, shades and stands hold a clear fascination for designers. The illumination of technology working alongside art and design finds a natural home in the creation of superior light products. Here are a just a few unique light fittings currently available at Dotmaison that have recently impressed us  with their originality, style and verve.

The Acorn Pendant Light, Black (above) from Vita is an ideal way to bring a new source of light into the home. Featuring polished brass fittings and a clear glass outer shell, the pendant succeeds in offering an understated yet superbly elegant beauty. Even when turned off, the light has a dignified splendour about it that will improve any space it is deployed in.

A show-stopping use of glamorous design is used in Vita’s Aluvia Light Shade, Anthracite. Consisting of plastic blades covering an aluminum frame, the unusual and artistic light shade is unbreakable and offers a remarkable way to dress light fittings. Providing plenty of scope for artistic interiors, the light shade is sure to draw appreciative comments from visitors and guests.

The Maman Hanging Lamp from Seletti is a light source that is also sure to surprise and entice. The spectacular fitting  features 14 different long cables each of which has its own respective LED bulb. The bulbs and cables are drawn out from a central ceiling hub, allowing different and unique interpretations of where each part should be hung.

The Frama Atelier Globe 125 LED Bulb  takes as its impetus the light itself. Capable of adding a powerful illumination to any room, the exposed bulb draws the attention to the stunning show of light and ingenuity of electrical lighting itself. A beautiful way to showcase the power of light, the globe bulb is available in smoky or clear glass to provide a beautiful display in the home.




December 28th, 2017

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