An office – whether inside or outside of the home – relies on an understanding of how to do things diligently and successfully. Offices function at their best when a smooth organisation and attention to detail is combined with open communication and resourcefulness. A home office can share these qualities just the same as a traditional workspace. It is in making the most of valuable materials and products that can make working at home easier, more fun and more productive.  Here at Dotmaison, we love seeking out new and interesting ways to make work and home life easier. When you put the two together, you can find a whole host of home office designs that are sure to help with all sorts of work activities.

The Design Letters – Letter Box (above) is a wonderful way to keep focused on words and communication in a fun and stylish way. The 159 plastic pieces create a vibrant addition to the home office, especially when paired with the Message Board (also by Design Letters) available in A2 or A4.  The message boards are ideal for reminders, notes and to-do lists. Available in a variety of different colours, the extremely stylish look of the boards and letters would bring an eye-catching presence of organisation into any room of the house.

The Trigg Wall Display by Umbra creates an attractive way to keep valuable tools and stationary close to hand. Made from a metal frame and inverted material base, the copper decal offers a seamless look to the whole design.  Easy to hang from any wall, the display brings a smart and tidy look to the home office. The display is sure to add a whole new dimension to the organisation of a working area.


Another key factor in the organisation of an office is always knowing what time it is. Thankfully this can be done in a stylish and artistic way as shown by the Sometime Desk Clock. Designed by Umbra, the white face of the clock is mounted on a natural wood base and the black time markings are clearly highlighted against this background. Perfect for keeping time at your desk.

November 27th, 2017

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