There’s nothing quite like entering a room and seeing an unexpected piece of art on the wall. Something stirring, imaginative or simply beautiful can create a memorable sense of space well used. IXXI provide flexible and dynamic ideas for maximizing the potential for wall spaces, with a real feel for pop culture and graphic design influences.

Check out their new Star Wars range for example. Following the relaunch of the stellar force in sci-fi action films, the classic images of favourite characters and scenes are found in many places, from packaging and posters, to fast food brands. IXXI have done something quite different. The Yoda image (above) is a fine example of the IXXI way of doing things.

Simply put, once you’ve chosen your image, you need to connect the printed square cards using x-connectors. Once attached, you can hang the image onto the wall with a hanging strip and stickies. Completely safe and easy to put up – no hammers or nails – Yoda is just one of 7 classic characters from the Star Wars range available.


There are also more classically art inspired prints available with a modern twist. This print of the Vermeer portrait Girl With the Pearl Earring (above) is an image familiar to most of us. However, it has rarely been reproduced to such a fine degree in such an easy to use format. IXXI‘s contemporary approach really stands out with their pixelated prints. Mona Lisa (below) here takes on a retro computerized look, something that’s sure to appeal just as much to gaming geeks as to art connoisseurs…

Another fantastic modern look available from the design team is the coloured geometric cards. Made up of triangles in bright yellow and pink, the striking patterns will bring a depth and brightness to any area in home or office. The set brings out a real pathway to vivid creativity. Check out the whole range at Dotmaison today for yet more inspiration!




February 18th, 2016

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