Nordic style and Scandinavian design sensibility is able to bring a beautifully focused look to all kinds of interiors. The ability to merge reliable functionality alongside innovative modern manufacturing techniques is something that the best design companies can draw upon. It seems that the Northern lands of Scandinavia have this particular skill of ingenuity to spare. Luckily for us, we can all benefit from the inspiration and cultured design work of the most creative of these companies.

Recently the television successes of shows such as The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen have helped bring a Scandy interior style directly into the home through the screen. The tell tale signs of neat clean lined furniture and minimalism backed up by superb craftsmanship are clues that can point everyone in a northerly direction. For those compelled to go even further with their Nordic obsessions Dotmaison is here to help out. We have just put together the Dotmaison Scandinavian Design Corner an invaluable resource for those of you looking to add some Nordic charm to your home. Take a look and get inspired!

Central to a Scandinavian style interior is a feeling of homely comfortable warmth blended with a practical durability and simple elegance. Homeware designers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark have long been associated with finely textured templates of honest materials – now more than ever, they are celebrated for bringing out a classy, unshowy degree of calming reassurance in the home.



Kahler Omaggio Candlestick Holders

The desire to keep things simple yet captivating can be witnessed in these beautiful candlestick holders by Danish company Kähler. The group has a 175 year old history of doing what the Scandies do best, that is, to produce beautiful household objects ideal for impressing in their versatility and style. A well known feature of Scandinavian home interior design is the importance placed on lighting resources. These holders allow users to hark back to an earlier, simpler time when candles and firelight were the chief source of keeping a room lit. A willingness to take inspiration from the past is essential for everyone embarking on a mission to bring some Scandinavian simplicity to their home.

Sirius Liva heart

But that is not to say that the Scandinavian designers are adverse to a bit of extravagance. Check out the Sirius Liva Hearts with Lights for proof of this. The fantastically created heart shaped lighting set up offers a magical and majestic addition to any living space. Proving something of a fairy tale and mythological appearance, the lights manage to be both modern in design and ancient in conception.



Ferm cutting board

Ferm Living Cutting Board

The kitchen is the place where ideas of practicality and simplicity are truly put to test, and what better item to try these ideas out on than a cutting board? This one from Ferm Living is made up of a laminated birch veneer and is dishwasher safe and can withstand hot plates. The practicality of this household essential combined with the superb modern geometric pattern makes this a great example of what Scandinavian style is best at; producing finely produced items designed to make life easier and more beautiful.


April 6th, 2016

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